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Care glove | Left Hand - Blue | Coat care | Dog | Cat | Pets

Care glove | Left Hand - Blue | Coat care | Dog | Cat | Pets

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This great grooming brush makes your pet happy!

The glove shape is the nicest way to remove excess hair from your pet and at the same time pamper them with a nice massage.

Brushing your cat or dog is quick and easy with this brush glove. The flexible brush shapes itself to the body of your cat or dog. Brushing is especially easy in difficult places that require extra attention, such as the belly, between the legs, under the tail and near the chest and chin with this flexible brush glove. The hairs remain on the brush and are then easy to remove and throw away after combing and brushing the coat. The coat care brush is ideal for use when your pet takes a shower or bath; After all, you can no longer let the brush slip out of your hands and the materials used make it water-resistant.

The brush glove is suitable for all coat types; from dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses.

Some product features:
The high-quality silicone tips easily remove loose hair, dust and dirt from your pet's coat.
The brush has rounded soft silicone points and does not irritate the skin.
The brush is easy to use, even when your pet takes a bath or shower.
The brush glove is available in one size, one-size fits all. The adjustable Velcro closure on the wrist provides a good hold.
The brush glove consists of a silicone brush and a glove made of soft and comfortable mesh fabric.
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